SmartGeoJson Live Demo

Welcome. This page is a demo of my Smart Geo Json Plugin.

What is GeoJson? GeoJSON is a format for encoding a variety of geographic data structures. Take a look at the documentation.

How does the plugin work? SmartGeoJson provides an easy way to implement a map on your website using geojson for encoding geographic data structures.

How to? Get your API Key from Google Maps Platform and save it into Settings tab; Upload your GEO Json files through the Files tab to draw boundaries on Google Map; Optionally, you can upload one Snazzy file to stylize the map; Place the shortcode where you need it, usually inside a page or post. That’s it!

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, CSS


Gemeente Amsterdam

City parks

Inside AirBnb

Amsterdam neighbourhoods

Roma urbanistica

Municipi di Roma Capitale


Wi-fi pubblico a Roma (2012)

The example above shows the parks in Amsterdam and the public wi-fi in Rome. The data are not updated since the purpose of the demo is just to run the plugin.

Note: Optimized for Desktop resolutions.