Elevate Your Website with a Powerful WordPress Google Maps Integration Plugin: Smart GEO GMap free

A WordPress Google Maps integration plugin: Smart GEO GMap- Live Demo

Smart GEO GMap: a WordPress Google Maps integration plugin

Smart GEO GMap: a WordPress Google Maps integration plugin

In today’s digital landscape, integrating dynamic mapping features into websites has become increasingly important for enhancing user engagement and providing valuable information. With the Smart GEO GMap plugin for WordPress, you have the power to revolutionize your website’s mapping functionality, thanks to its advanced GeoJSON integration capabilities. Unlike conventional mapping plugins, Smart GEO GMap prioritizes the seamless integration of GeoJSON data structures, offering unparalleled customization options and flexibility for your maps.

At the heart of Smart GEO GMap‘s functionality lies its ability to effortlessly incorporate GeoJSON data into your WordPress website. Whether you’re delineating geographical boundaries, outlining specific areas of interest, or highlighting key points on the map, this plugin easily lets you visualize complex geographic data. By leveraging GeoJSON, you can create interactive and visually compelling maps that captivate your audience and provide valuable insights and information.

With Smart GEO GMap, the possibilities are endless. You can upload and display multiple GeoJSON files, each containing distinct geographic datasets. Whether you’re showcasing city parks, delineating neighborhoods, or mapping out public Wi-Fi hotspots, the plugin’s GeoJSON integration ensures that your maps accurately represent the unique characteristics of your content. This level of flexibility allows you to tailor your maps to suit your specific needs and engage your audience in meaningful ways.

Demo explanation

The demo example shows the city parks of Amsterdam and the public wi-fi in Rome. Below are the links to the open data I used:

  1. Gemeente Amsterdam City Parks
  2. Amsterdam neighborhoods
  3. Municipi di Roma Capitale
  4. Wi-fi pubblico a Roma (2012)

Easy Integration with Shortcode

Smart GEO GMap free plugin simplifies the process of embedding a Google Map on your WordPress Page or Post through a user-friendly shortcode. No coding expertise is required – just insert the shortcode, and watch your map come to life. This effortless integration ensures a smooth user experience, making navigation a breeze for your visitors.

GeoJSON Integration for Advanced Mapping

Take your mapping capabilities to the next level by uploading up to three GeoJSON files. This feature allows for the encoding of various geographic data structures, empowering you to display boundaries, shapes, markers, and info windows (tooltips) on the map. Whether you’re showcasing locations, routes, or specific geographic features, Smart GEO GMap provides the flexibility you need.

What is GeoJSON? 

GeoJSON is a format for encoding a variety of geographic data structures. Take a look at the documentation.

Visualize Geographic Data Structures

Smart GEO GMap lets you visually represent complex geographic data with ease. Draw attention to specific areas with customizable boundaries, highlight points of interest with markers, and provide additional information through info windows. This robust visualization tool transforms your map into a dynamic, informative display that captivates your audience.

Make Your Map Fun with Snazzy Styling

Inject personality into your map with the ability to upload a Snazzy file. Stylize your map to match your website’s theme or create a unique aesthetic that resonates with your brand. The customization options provided by the Snazzy file ensure that your map not only serves a functional purpose but also becomes a visually appealing and fun element of your WordPress site.

Snazzy Maps

Snazzy Maps helps developers and designers match the Google Map on their website with their website’s theme. Smart Geo GMap allows you to make your map funny: Upload a Snazzy file to stylize the map.


If you’re looking for a WordPress Google Maps integration plugin, Smart Geo GMap is the right choice for you.

Incorporating Smart GEO GMap into your WordPress website elevates the visual appeal, interactivity, and informational value of your content. With its easy integration, advanced mapping capabilities, and fun customization options, this plugin is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their online presence through dynamic and engaging maps. Elevate your WordPress experience today with Smart GEO GMap and captivate your audience with visually stunning, informative maps.


  • Multiple markers
  • Marker info window (marker tooltips)
  • Coordinates: 3 center area controls
  • Upload up to 3 GeoJSON files to draw boundaries and shapes, and add markers and tooltips on the map.
  • 1 Snazzy Maps Skin
  • Zoom: world, landmass/continent, city, streets, buildings
  • Responsive layout
  • Full-screen map
  • Change the event type on the tooltip
  • WordPress Backend Compliant

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

WordPress Compatibility: 4.8.15 or higher, tested up to WordPress 6.4.2

Google API Keys

You need a project with a billing account and the Maps JavaScript API enabled before you start using the Maps JavaScript API. This step is mandatory.

Enable Google Billing Account

You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud and use Google Maps correctly. This step is required.

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