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Web Developer in Amsterdam (NL)
I am Giuseppe Maccario and I'm a Software Developer in Amsterdam (NL). My mission is to help companies to build custom services and to broaden the existing set of features. I work on PHP frameworks since Symfony 1.4 in 2010 and I am currently working on Laravel projects. As side project I write and maintain free WordPress Plugins and I maintain few websites about music. My professional story as a software developer started in 2005. At that time Javascript was different depending on your browser and no frameworks were available on the market. My web development roots are in pure code PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and MySQL. I gained a lot of experience in large companies working on high traffic websites. As a Software Developer in Amsterdam (NL) I worked for digital agencies and startups. Expert in PHP, fluent in C#, confident in Python. This is me.

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Fifa.com - Brazil 2014



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Amsterdam (NL)