Free WordPress Plugins

Welcome! This page contains a collection of my free WordPress plugins.


Time ago I worked as main PHP Developer in a WordPress Team in a Amsterdam-based company.

With my team we managed more than 400 WordPress instances: From simple websites to eCommerce websites up to more complex web apps.

Customers needs were different by cases: If the WordPress Specialists couldn’t find any available solution on the market, this is where I step in with the new feature.

A new WordPress plugin begins

Every time a new plugin development began, I was forced to create a new folder, new files and a new structure that was pretty similar to the previous ones.

Don’t repeat yourself: I really don’t like repeat unnecessary and manual tasks because human errors are just around the corner.

As main developer of the team I decided to set standards for new developments and in first instance I built my own Skeleton, that’s became a Framework: based on a config file, developers can just be focused on their own business logic.

The Framework

All the Free WordPress Plugins are based on my version of a WordPress Plugin Framework, called Devon W.P.F. then they are standardized around some rules and basic concepts.