WordPress Plugin Google Map: Smart GEO GMap

This page is a live demo of WordPress Plugin Smart GEO GMap (Google Map).

Note: You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud in order to use Google Map correctly.

How does the plugin work? Smart GEO GMap is a WordPress plugin that provides an easy way to integrate a Google Map over WordPress Page/Post using GeoJSON via an easy Shortcode.

Upload unlimited GEO JSON files for encoding a variety of geographic data structures and showing and drawing boundaries, shapes, markers and infowindows (tooltips) on the map. Make your map funny: Upload a Snazzy file to stylize the map.

What is GeoJson? GeoJSON is a format for encoding a variety of geographic data structures. Take a look at the documentation.

How to? Get your API Key from Google Maps Platform and save it into Settings tab; Upload your GEO Json files through the Files tab to draw boundaries on Google Map; Optionally, you can upload one Snazzy file to stylize the map; Place the shortcode where you need it, usually inside a page or post. That’s it!

Technologies: PHP7, JavaScript, CSS

WordPress compatibility: > 4.8


  • Unlimited GEOJSON files upload: In other words feel free to draw your boundaries, shapes, add markers and tooltips on the map
  • Snazzy Maps Skins: In addition to your data, a bit of color for you map
  • One map per site: For instance draw the boundaries of your delivery business
  • Unlimited markers: Use open data to pin on your map unlimited markers
  • Marker info window (marker tooltips): For instance you can pin your stores on the map and decorate them with the specific store info
  • Coordinates: 3 center area controls: Let your users free to jump from one point to another on the Globe
  • Zoom: world, landmass/continent, city, streets, buildings: Choose your starting zoom
  • Responsive layout
  • Full screen map
  • Change event type on tooltip: Choose how user can open the infoWindows
  • WordPress Backend Compliant
Smart Geo GMap on WordPress Plugin Directory
Smart GEO GMap

Google API Keys

Based on Google Map, the plugin require a Google API Key, this step is mandatory:

Enable Google Billing Account

You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud in order to use Google Map correctly. This step is required.

The demo example shows the city parks of Amsterdam and the public wi-fi in Rome. Below the links to the open data I used:

Gemeente Amsterdam City Parks

Amsterdam neighbourhoods

Municipi di Roma Capitale

Wi-fi pubblico a Roma (2012)

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